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Flange Packs for Switch Tripping Gear. 

 One of the most critical components of a switch tripping unit is the battery technology. Nickel Cadmium and NiMh cells are widely used due to their inherent reliability giving advanced service life, the chemistry also eliminates the fear of the unpredictable "sudden death" failure sometimes encountered with lead-acid batteries, as well as enabling the user to benefit from savings over regular replacement, maintenance and down-time costs.

A further advantage of the NiCd and NiMh cells is that they provide high power output within a narrow voltage "window" and can also provide very high currents of up to 20 times the battery's nominal capacity. The battery packs are often much lighter in weight and therefore easy to handle.

Amp range for individual cells is from 7oo MaH for a NiCd AA to 11Ah for a NiMh F.

Compared with VRLA batteries, NiCd and Nimh batteries are also more tolerant of electrical abuse such as overcharging, deep or even complete discharge, and offer superior performance at extremes of temperature, with an operating range of -20 to +40C.

We also can supply a range of VRLA options to meet you exact application requirements.

CAB build various computations in either AA, Sub C, C, D or F Cells. CAB only use the ARTS Energy (SAFT) VRE range of cells. This technology has proven to give the correct power for Switch tripping applications. Flange packs are traditionally use in switch tripping gear as they are designed to give short bursts of high power when required.

  • Typical applications include medical, industrial and switch tripping gear
  • Space saving, 
  • High number of cyclic charge and discharge applications
  • Rugged construction
  • Manufactured using the SAFT VRE AA,Cs, D and F range of cells.
  • Strong, durable UPS Flanges are built industrial duty connectors
  • Can be effectively used in a wide range of temperatures.
  • Flange pack are designed to be permanently charges. The cells have to be especially produced to give short bursts of high energy. It is imperative that the correct cells are used.
  • VRLA versions available upon request
  • Fast and simple charging even after a prolonged period of storage.
  • Wide range of NIMH Flange packs available with -40 to +85 operating temperatures
  • Please phone Tim, Dave or Stuart on our sales team to discuss what pack is most appropriate for your needs.

NiCD AA Pack

CAB Part NumberChemistryDescriptionCell SizeDimensionWeight (grams)AMPHVoltageOpen Close
14-169NiCD10 VRE AA 12V 700 MAh NICD FLANGE PACKAA7432522200.712More Info »

NiCD Sub C Cell Packs

CAB Part NumberChemistryDescriptionCell SizeDimensionWeight (grams)AMPHVoltageOpen Close
14-058NiCD5 VRE Cs NiCD 1.6 FLANGE PACKCs8055544251.66More Info »
14-059NiCD10VE VRECs 12 V 1.6 NICD FLANGE PACKCs13155548011.612More Info »

NiCD C Cell Packs

CAB Part NumberChemistryDescriptionCell SizeDimensionWeight (grams)AMPHVoltageOpen Close
14-346NiCD10VREC 12V 2.2Ah NICD FLANGE PACKC13155527552.212More Info »
14-347NiCD5VREC 6V 2.2Ah NICD FLANGE PACKC8155523772.26More Info »

NiCD D Cell Packs

CAB Part NumberChemistryDescriptionCell SizeDimensionWeight (grams)AMPHVoltageOpen Close
14-060NiCD5VRED 6V 4.5Ah NICD FLANG PACKD10371688524.56More Info »
14-061NiCD10VRED12V 4.5Ah NICD FLANGE PACKD168716815814.512More Info »
14-153NiCD9VRED 10.8V 4.5Ah NICD FLANGE PACKD168716814964.510.8More Info »
14-154NiCD6VRED 7.2 V 4.5Ah NICD FLANG PACKD10371689734.57.2More Info »
14-196NiCD8VRED 9.6V 4.5Ah NICD FLANGE PACKD168716815814.59.6More Info »
14-212NiCD4VRED 4.8V 4.5 NICD FLANG PACKD7071686494.54.8More Info »
14-213NiCD7VRED 8.4V 4.5Ah NICD FLANGE PACKD135716811714.58.4More Info »

NiCD F Cell Packs

CAB Part NumberChemistryDescriptionCell SizeDimensionWeight (grams)AMPHVoltageOpen Close
14-062NiCD10VREF 12v 8 Ah NICD FLANGE PACKF16870.898.12475812More Info »
14-069NiCD5VREF 6V 8Ah NICD FLANGE PACKF1037098131386More Info »
14-187NiCD6VREF 7.2 V 8 Ah SAFT NICD FLANGEF1037098151887.2More Info »
14-188NiCD2VREF 2.4V 8Ah NICD FLANGE PACKF38709850082.4More Info »
14-197NiCD8VREF 7 9.6V 8Ah SAFT NICD FLANGE PACKF1357098202489.6More Info »


CAB Part NumberChemistryDescriptionCell SizeDimensionWeight (grams)AMPHVoltageOpen Close
14-063NiMH10 VHTF 12 V 10 Ah F168709824751012More Info »
14-073NiMH5 VHTF 6V 10 Ah F10370981100106More Info »

Flange Battery Pack

Battery packs achieve the desired operating voltage by connecting several cells in series, with each cell adding to the total terminal voltage. Parallel connection attains higher capacity for increased current handling, as each cell adds to the total current handling. Some packs may have a combination of serial and parallel connections

Flange Battery pack can be built in series and parallel configurations depending on whether you need maximum Voltage or increased Amp Hour. It is important to use the same battery type with equal capacity throughout and never mix different makes and sizes. A weaker cell causes an imbalance. This is especially critical in a in-series configuration as a battery pack is only as strong as the weakest link.

For this reason CAB will only use SAFT cells as the SAFT Nickel-Cadmium cells have a legendary reputation for robustness, reliability and service life.

SAFT (ARTS Energy) NICD cells benchmark technology for difficult and demanding applications: operating temperatures from –40 °C to +60 °C (because the electrolyte has a very low freezing point), excellent cycling capability (up to 3,000 cycles), long storage life, and low or zero maintenance.

Nickel-cadmium cells (NICD) have an anode (negative) in cadmium hydroxide and a cathode (positive) in nickel hydroxide, immersed in an alkaline solution (electrolyte) comprising potassium, sodium and lithium hydroxides. The cells are rechargeable and deliver a voltage of 1.2 V during discharge.

The sealed cells are cylindrical in shape, in nickel-steel cans.

IN CAB’s opinion the structural materials SAFT use, nickel-cadmium batteries are exceptionally robust, and exempt from risk of sudden failure. And they can be made with very thin electrodes, for high-power units.

Refer to the SAFT (ARTS Energy) VRE range of cells in our data sheet section.