CAB build and supply a wide range of battery packs to the Oceanographic and Oil Industries. The chemistries that we offer includes Primary(non rechargeable) Lithium Thionyl Chloride, NICD, Nickel Metal Hydride and Alkaline cells. 

Since first building a direct replacement for the Sonardyne Mk 4 Compatt from scratch in 2004, CAB has won a reputation for offering a quality replacement service for some of the most expensive battery packs used in the industry.

Our range includes a replacement to the Kongsberg Simrad Alkaline 10/36 MPT, as well Sonardyne Mk 5 Compatt, Data Loggers, the Kongsberg and Sonardyne MST, Transducers and Transponders and the RDI Workhorse plus many others.

Recently CAB has helped to  develop specialist battery packs to use with Oceanographic Gyro's.

Using high quality branded products and paying attention to detail coupled with a fast delivery gives CAB the edge over many of it's competitors.

All battery packs supplied by CAB comply with national and international industry standards.

Our battery packs power a wide range of applications and are currently used in subsea monitoring; subsea navigation; underwater surveillance systems; hydrographic survey equipment; acoustic release; mini beacons and current meters.

CAB also provides a quality refurbishment service for many different types of battery configurations with a fast and efficient turn around.

CAB customers include leading Oceanographic instrument and offshore companies.

We design and develop packs for specialist applications and for a wide customer base.

For more information on these products and any other Oceanographic configurations call us on 01752 696000.

Ocean Technology - Products table & Filter

CAB Part
DescriptionCell SizeDimensions (mm)Weight
14-195Alkaline RDI WorkhorseMore info
14-198Alkaline Acoustic ReleaseMore info
14-203MPT Simrad Alkaline 10/36 Multi Function Positioning Transponder (50 in stock)More info
14-205Nortek AquadoppMore info
14-214DORT/ORT Oceanographic Release TransponderMore info
14-215NIMH MST2.218More info
14-216NIMH WSM Mini BeaconMore info
14-224Alkaline LRTMore info
14-23621V Alkaline LinquestD CellMore info
14-240Mk5 Alkaline Battery Pack (200 in stock)More info
14-240LiMk5 Lithium Battery PackMore info
14-416Lithium Stick compatable with a Sonardyne 7192 Emergency Location BeaconMore info
S1INNOVA 24 VOLT 108 Ah ALKALINE BATTERY P{ACKD Cell125500251320010824More info
S1Edgetech PORT LF-SD acoustic release BatteryAA Cell18More info

Telephone Ordering

+44 (0)1752 696000

In most cases we can guarantee delivery within 3-4 working days on the UK mainland!

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All our battery packs and products are made in purpose built facility in Great Britain.

Under the Waste Batteries and Accumulators Regulations 2009, CAB Special Batteries Ltd are a ‘Producer’ of ‘Industrial’ batteries and as such, are obliged to...

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CAB SPECIAL BATTERIES is proud to announce that they have been appointed as the GP Batteries uk and European “SUPER VALUE ADDED RE-SELLER”

Where safety is involved there should be no compromise. Cells used for this important application should be of the highest quality and performance.

Please phone +44 (0)1752 696000 to discuss the best options available to you. 8am to 5pm Monday to Thursday and 8am to 4pm on Friday’s