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What are the battery Dimensions in MM?
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Emergency Lighting multiple battery packs.

Phone our sales team on 01752 696000 if you have specific requirement. Over the years CAB has built virtually every configeration of battery pack. NIMH or NICD, stick or side by side, 60mm or 160mm cable is no problem.

Fax a sketch, email a picture and we will build what you require.

CAB Part NumberChemistryDescriptionCell SizeDimensionWeight (grams)AMPHVoltageMore info
14-333NiCD2 +1 D CELL BATTERY PACK c/w FLY LEADSD3724.53.6More Info »
14-368NiCD10 X NICD C CELL PACKC50150257502.512More Info »
14-383NiMH3+3 ST Cs NiMH C/W TAGS E/C & I/CELLCs27.2More Info »
14-413NiCD2 + 3 SAFT VHT Cs TWIN STICK c/w AMP CONNECTORCs2301.66More Info »
17-142 SHNiCD6V 4Ah 2+3 D CELL NiCd PACK WITH TAGSD64.518032.262046More Info »
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