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What are the battery Dimensions in MM?
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CAB can now offer you a wide range of battery chargers.


Rechargeable batteries can not only be charged very quickly and safely. ANSMANN produce smart chargers for NICD,NIMH, Lead Acid and Lithium Ion batteries.

Ansmann universal power supplies can be used on a variety of devices as an economic power source. All power supplies are voltage-stabilized and short circuit proof, available in different power ratings. 


GP have developed the "Powerbank" It is ideal for the busy person on the move who needs a reliable way of charging their mobile devices. Phones,Tablets and many more applications can have their battery life extended by over twice the normal running time.

Powered by advanced Lithium technology, GL343 is capable of charging high energy demanding products like gaming devices, MP3 players, smartphones etc. By using a 4-stage LED indicator system, you can always check the power status and it is compact enough to carry everywhere.




  • * Suitable for: iPhone, Android phones and most USB enabled devices like digital cameras, camcorders, MP3 players, smartphones.
  • * Rechargeable lithium-polymer battery
  • * User profile: Intensive user of mobile devices on-the-go
  • * Convenience: compact, lightweight and attractive design
  • * Charge on-the-go: by connecting the power pack to the USB-device
  • * Specialties: LED battery indicator, USB/Micro USB cable, safe charging

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