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What are the battery Dimensions in MM?
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Emergency Lighting Twin Stick Configurations

Twin Sticks can be provided in either Nickel Metal Hydride (NIMH) or Nickel Cadmium (NICD). Most commonly NICD Sub C (Cs) and D cells are used. As LED lighting becomes more popular it is evident that the GP LAHT400 NIMH cell is in demand.

We can supply your Twin Sticks with a full range of end caps. We have a large selection of white single end caps,white double end caps and black double end caps. If an Electricial wants a specific lead lenght, connecter or tag just phone sales on 01752 696000 and they will organise that the correct product reaches you on time.

 All battery packs supplied by CAB comply with national and international industry standards.

CAB Part NumberChemistryDescriptionCell SizeDimensionWeight (grams)AMPHVoltageMore info
14-308NiCD2 X 3 D CELL STICK c/w PLATE C/W 4 WAY CONNECTERD6418033.57444.57.2More Info »