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What are the battery Dimensions in MM?
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Emergency Lighting Single Stick Configurations

All Stick configurations can be supplied with fly leads, fast on tags solder tags or a range on industry connectors. We supply from a one cell stick to a 10 cells stick with white end caps and an AMP connector  All battery packs supplied by CAB comply with national and international industry standards.

CAB hold most sizes of cell in stock from AAA to an F. Alkaline, Nickel Cadmium, Nickel Metal Hydride and Primary Lithium Thionyl Chloride are widely used.

As a SAFT U.K. distributor (ARTS Energy ), GP battery partner and Far East importer CAB has the ability to supply what you are looking for.

With our expert workforce we can build and despatch large volumes of product quickly and efficiently. Very often a customer can place an order and receive their goods within 3-4 days.

If it's only one pack that you need you will find that our service is just as good. So why don't you phone our sales team on 01752 696000.

CAB Part NumberChemistryDescriptionCell SizeDimensionWeight (grams)AMPHVoltageMore info
14-237NiCD5 Cs CELL STICK c/w AMP CONNECTORCs22.121022.12251.66More Info »
14-241NiMH3 X SAFT NIMH 7/5ths SUB C STICK C/W EC AND FL7/5 Sub C221802222543.6More Info »
14-253NiCD4 D CELL STICK c/w 4 WAY CONNECTERD32.2239.632.24964.54.8More Info »
14-277NiCD5 D CELL STICK c/w AMP CON D32.2319.532.26204.56More Info »
14-287NiMH3 X GP AA 3.6V 2.2AH STICK C/W FLAA14.414414.4922.23.6More Info »
14-303NiCD6 D CELL STICK c/w END CAPS AND 4 WAY CONND37389.4377504.57.2More Info »
14-304NiCD 3 D CELL STICK c/w 4 WAY HOUSINGD32.2179.732.23724.53.6More Info »
14-322NiCD3 D CELL STICK c/w TAICOM CONNECTERD32.2179.732.23724.53.6More Info »
14-348NiMH2 SAFT VHT Cs STICK c/w FLY LEADSCs2285.4229622.4More Info »
14-348RPNiMH2 X SAFT(ARTS) 2 Ah NIMH SUB C STICK c/w AMPCs22.18422.1902.22.4More Info »
14-378NiMH2 ST Cs NiMH CW TAGS & E/C Cs22.4More Info »
14-379NiMH3 ST Cs NiMH C/W TAGS & E/CCs23.6More Info »
14-380NiMH4 ST Cs NiMH C/W TAGS & E/CCs24.8More Info »
14-381NiMH5 ST Cs NiMH C/W TAGS & E/CCs26More Info »
14-382NiMH6 ST Cs NiMH C/W TAGS & E/C Cs27.2More Info »
14-422NiMH4 SAFT 7/5 Cs STICK c/w JST CONNECTOR7/5 Sub C22240222964.24.8More Info »
17-016LNiCD3 D CELL STICK c/w FLY LEADSD32.2179.732.237243.6More Info »
17-023LNiCDECONOMY 4 D CELL STICK c/w FLY LEADSD32.2239.632.2239.644.8More Info »
17-033LNiCDECONOMY 5 D CELL STICK c/w FLY LEADSD32.2299.532.262046More Info »
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