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What are the battery Dimensions in MM?
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Emergency Lighting Side by Side Configurations

All side by side configurations can be supplied with either fly leads,fast on tags, Solder tags or a choice of connectors. View our components page to help in your selection or phone our sales desk on 01752 696000. All battery packs supplied by CAB comply with national and international industry standards.

We can build a battery pack especially for you to meet your needs. Our range varies from a 2 cell side by side to a 10 cell curved pack better known as the "Black Banana" Our part number 14-070. We even build multiple side by side battery packs. 14-144.

Building specialist side by side battery packs is no problem. A choice of backing plates and connectors are available to allow us to replicate the battery pack you are replacing.

Our production team can build a battery pack to fit your exact requirements. What ever connector, lead length or combination of cells poses no problems. A quick sketch or telephone call to us and your problems are solved.

We stock the new SAFT (ARTS) +85 degree 7/5ths sub C 4 Ah NiMh Cells. This proving to be a very successful product as it has a wide temperature range and is light, compact and 4Ah. 

If you require a SAFT (ARTS Energy ) , GP NIMH or an equivalent cell please discuss it with our sales team and they will help ensure you have your product despatched on time.  

CAB Part NumberChemistryDescriptionCell SizeDimensionWeight (grams)AMPHVoltageMore info
14-414NiCD5 C CELL SIDE BY SIDE c/w AMP CONNECTORC12549.125.33752.56More Info »